Supervisor Anthony Smith

County officials from across the state honored Pinal County Supervisor Anthony Smith for his outstanding service as President of the County Supervisors Association (CSA) at the organization’s Board of Directors meeting in November.

“It has been an absolute privilege to serve as president of this outstanding organization over the past year,” Smith said. “The work of CSA is essential to supporting local county operations throughout Arizona, and I am thankful that by working together counties had a very successful year at the Arizona State Capitol.”

Incoming CSA President and Yuma County Supervisor Russell McCloud lauded Smith for strengthening the partnership between county elected officials and state law-makers, stating: “Supervisor Smith’s leadership contributed directly to CSA’s success during the last legislative session. He is passionate about county officials engaging in the legislative process. He knows it’s the best way to help legislators understand the impacts of state policies, like if a bill increases costs to the county tax-payer or impedes local ability to be responsive to our communities. We followed his lead and CSA had one of its most productive legislative sessions in many years.”

Under Smith’s leadership, CSA worked with the governor and state legislators to address important issues impacting county finances and operations. Most notably, the state provided Arizona’s counties more than $20 million in financial relief by addressing recession-era policies that diverted county tax dollars to fund obligations of the state general fund. Also, legislators substantially amended or rejected over 30 proposals based on concerns raised by county supervisors.

“Serving as CSA’s president was an outstanding learning experience,” Smith said. “I am grateful for what we accomplished and for the inspiring support I have received from my colleagues across Arizona. I am looking forward to building on our successes in the years to come.”

“Supervisor Smith is a passionate and dedicated public servant and it was a privilege to work alongside him this year,” CSA Executive Director Craig Sullivan said. “His leadership and drive helped counties forge a production partnership with the state and that really helps government better serve the people of Arizona.”

CSA is a non-partisan research and advocacy organization representing the 61 county supervisors leading Arizona’s 15 counties. CSA serves as a forum for county leaders to address important issues facing local constituents and as a critical liaison between local county officials and the state and federal governments.


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