By Gary Miller

Through our common ground to help better shape our local & state government to improve citizens’ quality of life, I have had many opportunities over the last six years to work with Vince Manfredi on the Pinal County Republican Committee, Board of Adjustment, Maricopa, AZ – Teenage Republicans and on the MUSD Override Committee.  Indeed, experience is why I will vote to re-elect Councilmember Manfredi to continue to serve this great city that we live in that is on a path to excellence.  His knowledge, experience and passion to serve & lead are transparent through all the hard work and dedication he has for the people of Maricopa and to his family.

Family First – Vince and his family are active in our community from working with nonprofits to youth sports. Vince and his wife Tina have raised three wonderful young adults. When you talk to him about his family you can sense he cares more for them than anything else.

As a City Council member, he has served on the City of Maricopa Zoning Code Re-write Task force, Central Arizona Governments Regional Council, Arizona League of Cities and Town Transportation Infrastructure and Public Works Committee and serves as an alternate member on the Pinal County Regional Transportation Authority. Over the years, he and his family have supported the success of many local organizations such as the Maricopa Little League, MHS Booster Club, Maricopa Food Bank, Maricopa Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Streets Don’t Love You Back, Maricopa American Legion and the Relay for Life to name a few.

You may not know this, but Vince was the first person in 2014 to encourage me to run for a seat on the MUSD Governing Board.  My faith in Vince’s leadership, his hard work and dedication for the success of MUSD, the students and their families, I personally asked him to chair the 2016 Override Committee. A lot of hard work went into the Override Committee and his “boots on the ground” approach was successful in passing an override after numerous unsuccessful attempts.

His quality leadership did provide students with more opportunities to achieve academic excellence, while competing with districts that already have an override in place. The Override added new instructional technology for students, hired 47 additional teachers to help lower class size (7 of which created the RAM Academy) and added Elementary Counselors.

His website ( does an excellent job of engaging with the community.  Also, to meet people where they are he sponsors Facebook Live Thursdays ( ).

I do believe Vince’s leadership has made a positive impact on people’s lives here in Maricopa. He also embraces what good leadership and hard work is about. I will be following the advice of Mayor Christian Price when he said, “I will be voting for Vincent Manfredi and I want the rest of Maricopa to join me!”

Gary Miller, Ph.D., is a Maricopa resident, a member of the Board of Adjustment and a member of the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board.


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