True Grit Tavern. File photo

Thirty-one of 34 establishments inspected by Pinal County Environmental Health Department in the Maricopa area from June 16 through July 17 received excellent marks. Two were found to be satisfactory, and one received the cautionary mark “needs improvement” because of a refrigeration problem.

True Grit Tavern received the “N” rating when the inspector found raw meats in the prep fridge at higher temperatures than the required maximum 41 degrees F. According to the report, fish was at 50 degrees, chicken and hamburger patties at 46 degrees and shrimp at 44 degrees. An embargo notice was signed to discard the food. The inspector also noted a floor drain not working and bad lighting in the prep area, circumstances that could not be corrected immediately.

Meanwhile, Denny’s and Say Sushi received “S” ratings. Say Sushi also had a cold-holding problem with its walk-in refrigerator, with cream cheese, rolls, dumplings and tofu cheese stored at 47 degrees, resulting in an embargo. At Denny’s, a small prep unit had lettuce, tomatoes and liquid eggs at 45 degrees, and a walk-in cooler had hash browns at 45 degrees. Both situations were remedied during inspection.

EXCELLENT [No violations found] 99 Cents Only
Bashas’ – AFC Sushi
Bashas’ – Bakery
Bashas’ – Deli
Bashas’ – Starbucks
Circle K (east)
Circle K (east) Made to Go
Copa Craze
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Francisco’s Mexican Food
Fry’s Marketplace
Fry’s Marketplace – Bakery
Fry’s Marketplace – Deli
Fry’s Marketplace – Starbucks
Fry’s Marketplace – Sushi
Good Donuts
Jack in the Box
Jersey Mike’s Subs
Native Grill & Wings
Plaza Bonita
Panda Express
Tacos ‘N’ More
Walmart – Bakery
Walmart – Deli
Yogurt Jungle

SATISFACTORY [Violations corrected during inspection] Denny’s
Say Sushi

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT [Critical items noted during inspection cannot be corrected immediately requiring follow-up inspection] True Grit Tavern

UNACCEPTABLE [Gross, unsanitary conditions necessitating the discontinuation of service] None