Letter: Gusse endorses write-in Potter for council


By Julia R. Gusse

Julia Gusse (submitted photo)

It is with great pleasure that I provide Leon Potter with my full endorsement as he seeks election onto the City of Maricopa’s Council. Mr. Potter is running as a write-in candidate and I have had the pleasure of serving with him on our City Council. I am of the belief that our city is headed in a good direction, but has stalled along the way. Furthermore, it is my opinion that change is needed to push and accelerate our progress. He has proven to me, and to this community, that he does not go along to get along and does not subscribe to the status quo of our current leadership. For those reasons, I am happy to provide him with my endorsement and I wish him nothing but luck and good will as he pursues a seat on our city council.

Julia R. Gusse is a member of the Maricopa City Council.