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Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Maricopan since: 2010
Occupation: Realtor/Manager and team leader for My Home Group
Family: Wife Kwim, son Kyler, 8, and daughter, Kylisse, 20 months
Cars: 2016 Audi
Hobbies: Spending time with family and vacation sports
Pet peeve: Eating food in the bedroom
Dream vacation: World Cup
Like most about Maricopa: All the nice people and small town feel
Like least about Maricopa: No complaints here

Realtor and family man Brian French has had a lot of changes in his busy life. He has retired from coaching soccer after 17 years, married and even departed the Maricopa Real Estate Company. French is now focused on opening his own brokerage in January 2020 and is determined as ever to continue serving his clients in the Maricopa community any way he can.

Now working as a team leader and manager for the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in the country, My Home Group, French made it clear his goals and intentions are still the same.

“We help people buy, sell and invest in homes,” he said. “I love helping people out, I love taking care of people. I’m also a super-honest guy. I don’t sugarcoat anything. If your house smells, I’m gonna tell you it smells.”

French is excited to bring the My Home Group brand to Maricopa with his office going in the space that used to be a counseling and treatment center in The Shops at Maricopa business complex.

“A lot of these places, they don’t tell their agents how to succeed or try to help them,” French explained. “I’ll help them, and My Home Group will help them. We don’t hide anything we want people to succeed and that’s what I like about it. I’ve joined other brokerages and they don’t tell you anything.”

French’s office also pays for training classes in many sections of real estate to maintain a well-trained team of agents.

Brian has recently gotten married and has grown his family of one child to two.

“I’m remarried to my wife Kwin. She is Filipina. She’s a teacher at a high school in Casa Grande,” French said with a smile. They now have a 20-month-old daughter together named Kylisse.

Brian French with wife Kwin, son Kyler and daughter Kylisse. Submitted photo

Brian and Kwin plan to have a bigger wedding in the Philippines over the summer and have already had a vision of more children in the future.

Brian cited that some of his success and love for the city of Maricopa comes from his roots in Omaha.

“I’m from Nebraska, so small-town people are super-nice there, and Maricopa reminds me of Nebraska.” French said. “It’s one of the safest cities in Arizona and probably one of the best for families.”

Maricopans that have been clients of Brian in the past have come to call him a friend. A past home seller and buyer, Chandra Gilbert, recalled her emotional time working with French.

“My husband passed away while we were selling our home in Rancho. I haven’t talked about it much,” Gilbert said. “Brian is dear to my heart. He was able to sell my home and get me in a house in Homestead that was the perfect fit for me.”

Chandra said she is thankful to have Brian in her life and will never forget how he helped her through tragedy. She is one of many clients French has kept relationships with well beyond the paperwork being signed.

With Maricopa’s growth expected to double in the next 10 years, there is no shortage of work in the real estate business. Working in sales for over 20 years and real estate for five, French is still learning every day. He said if you are not listening and willing to try new things, you are not doing your best.

“I listen to everybody and anybody on my team.” French said. “I don’t ever worry about what other people are doing; I just worry about myself and my team.”

French reflected on how he believed the real estate industry as a whole should work.

“If you’re not making any money, who cares?” he said. “Don’t worry about the money. If you just help people, the money will come,” French said.

Brian French’s My Home Group office is slated to open Jan. 25.


This story appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.


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