Saturday Maricopa Police charged Pedro Zabala with two counts of criminal damage when he was having an overnight stay at a friend’s house.

According to police records, officers responded to an address on North Celis Street at 1 a.m. Saturday after the female resident came home and became engaged in an argument with Zabala.

Reports indicate he threw clothing items on the front patio and was then locked outside by the resident. She found her washer overloaded with clothing and bleach. She said the clothing was hers and was taken out of her closet.

 She told officers that about $3,000 of her clothes were ruined in the incident.

At 7:40 a.m. Saturday she heard banging on her front porch and contacted police.

 Zabala was located walking south of her home by a neighbor. Officers located him and also found the windshield of the woman’s car smashed in three places, the driver’s door mirror was broken off, air was let out of a tire, the rear window was smashed and there were five dents in the driver’s door.

 Zabala allegedly was carrying a yellow baseball bat when stopped by officers. Estimated damage to the vehicle is $2,000.



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