Jose Martinez-Romero was arrested by Maricopa Police on April 17 on suspicion of domestic violence assault.

Police responded to a residence on West Nina Street, where a woman told officers her husband, Martinez-Romero, slammed her against a wall and had his hands around her throat.

The incident began, according to the woman, when she confronted him about cheating on her, according to a police probable cause statement.

The report states when confronted, Martinez-Romero grabbed her and “pushed her up against the bathroom door in the master bedroom.”

After he allegedly choked her, she walked out of the room and called police. An officer noted observing “irritated skin on the upper chest portion” of the woman in the report.

Martinez-Romero told police, she “began slapping him with a sandal and punching him lightly on his left side.”

He told police he grabbed her and pushed her against the bathroom door after being antagonized.

According to the probable cause statement, he was arrested and charged for domestic violence due to the visible injuries.


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