Aaron Littleman (PCSO)

Aaron Littleman, 37, was arrested on the morning Feb. 1 on suspected charges of aggravated extreme DUI.

Police received reports of a vehicle that had driven off the road near West Smith-Enke Road and was stuck in a ditch. When officers arrived on the scene, they found Littleman, whom they described as heavily intoxicated, behind the wheel of his vehicle. The car was lodged in a washout area on the shoulder after it left the road and went through a greenbelt.

Allegedly refusing to cooperate with the officer’s requests, Littleman was reported as visibly intoxicated and smelling of hard liquor. He refused to stay seated in his vehicle and was placed under arrest by police, according to the report. While searching his vehicle, police alleged they found multiple open containers of vodka.

Dispatch notified officers that Littleman already had his license revoked for past DUIs. Littleman allegedly told officers he had been parked in Apache Junction when he began drinking on his way to Maricopa.

Aaron Littleman was booked into Pinal County Jail.


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