Maricopa teenage runaways reported heading for California


Two Maricopa teenagers have been reported as runaways possibly heading to California.

Jordan’s mother said she last saw her son Tuesday morning as he was leaving for school at Maricopa High School. According to Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado, Jordan and his girlfriend Jazmin left a note indicating they were heading for California.

Both are 17 years old. Jazmine attends school in Ahwatukee. Both are juniors.

Alvarado said MPD entered them in a national database, listing them as runaways, along with a description of the vehicle they left in. That is a 1999 silver Honda Accord coupe, license plate BME 1900.

Jordan’s mother said she has no idea what their intentions may be in California. She said they had been told they would not be allowed to see each other.

Any information should be reported to MPD at 520-316-6800.