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From its agricultural heritage, the Ak-Chin Indian Community became uniquely adaptable to changing climates and conditions. This resilience laid the groundwork for a 21st century business philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit that capitalizes on changing markets and commerce opportunities that encourage economic diversification and self-sufficiency.

As an Arizona Gold certified site, Santa Cruz Commerce Center offers approximately 45 acres of shovel-ready lots for owner-built or build-to-suit projects that can speed your project to market.
Lease Customization
Low Land Lease Rates
No Real Property Taxes
Low Utility Rates
Build-to-Suit Funding

The Ak-Chin Industrial Park Board oversees the marketing, development and management of Ak-Chin’s industrial properties which include the Santa Cruz Commerce Center, Adobe Office Suites and the property surrounding the Ak-Chin Regional Airport. The Board acts as a location advocate both within and outside the Community to identify opportunities, streamline processes, and accelerate solutions to any issues that might arise.

For leasing info: 520-568-3246 or www.leaseakchin.com.

1. Call 520-568-3246 or email marketing@leaseakchin.com for basic information or to arrange a tour of the property
2. Download Development Request Submittal Requirements and email to leasing@leaseakchin.com
3. Review by Ak-Chin Industrial Park Board
4. Board advises applicant of approval process and facilitates progression
5. Applicant meets with Board and Ak-Chin Planning Dept
6. Board representative prepares a Preliminary Site Plan Application (PSPA) and submits to Planning
7. Planning holds Technical Assistance Committee (TAC) meeting for Board representative and applicant to present project and respond to questions
8. PSPA comments submitted to Planning; Planning forwards to Board representative
9. Planning submits Application to Ak-Chin Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z)
10. P&Z meets to review and vote on PSPA
11. P&Z denies project as proposed to move forward or forwards to Ak-Chin Finance & Legal for review
12. If approved, it is forwarded to Ak-Chin Council who authorizes project to proceed or does not approve it to proceed as proposed
13. If approved, the same process is followed with a more detailed Site Development Plan Application


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