Q&A: City council candidate Marty Hermanson


Marty Hermanson is one of four candidates seeking two remaining seats on the Maricopa City Council. Hermanson has resided in Maricopa since 2006 and spent his career in sales management. He is the president of the Maricopa Republicans Club and the former chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee.

What would be your first action when seated?

First, I will meet with the mayor and council to be brought to speed on all current and future issues that have not become public due to planning processes. I will also meet with the city manager and his staff to do the same thing. After that, I will now work on next steps on what is already in place, and work with the mayor, council, city manager and staff to discuss the five-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year plans on the development of our city. We need a vision for the future, but we need to start working on that vision now.

What is the No. 1 issue facing the city and how would you deal with it?

There are two issues: First is the overpass. This is to me the most important project for our city’s future. What this does is open up our city for free flowing traffic, which is a public safety benefit, but it also opens our city up for economic benefits. Second is the flood-control solution. We just went through some heavy rains that gave us flooding, so this issue is fresh on everyone’s minds. I will focus on continuing to work with our regional partners in finding a regional flood control solution while finding resources to ultimately mitigate local flood control issues.

What have you learned through the campaign to date?

I have learned that Council is a governing body focused on continuing with and making policy. No one council member can act alone. Council members are one in seven that helps guide the future of the city in making decisions based on staff recommendations. For example, the budget is drafted by city staff and directors that is initially analyzed by the city manager, then analyzed by BFO, and then presented to council as a whole for recommendations and adoption.

Do you support MUSD’s override proposal?

The Maricopa Unified School District board is the governmental body responsible for budgetary and other issues related to the operations of the MUSD. With funding and operational decisions being made outside of the city councils prevue, it is my position there is little influence if any as it relates between the two bodies of government. The city council is a separate governing body that votes on policy on matters relating to the city. Both are separate and have no influence on each governing body.

What do you like most about your opponents?

I like that anyone that will put themselves out there and run for office shows a positive interest in our community and municipality. All have run clean campaigns to date and, for that, all should be applauded.

What do you like least about your opponents?

I have no answer for this question.

How is the current city council doing at improving the city?

I think the current council is doing a good job. It is obvious that the mayor, council and city manager have the best interests of the city on their minds. In the past months, council has voted to move forward with several policies/programs to potentially promote and increase the quality of life here in Maricopa.