As the need in Maricopa continues to rise in the COVID-19 pandemic, community partners continue to support one another. With many recent contributions coming into F.O.R. Maricopa food bank recently, Global Water has been the newest business entity leading another effort to give back.

“Global Water is donating a pallet of water to us and also $20,000 to support our efforts helping families in need during this pandemic,” F.O.R. founder Wendy Webb said. “We are both humbled and grateful for the very generous response we received from Global Water. What an amazing community partner we have during this pandemic.”

The $20,000 was provided from multiple facets within the company. Global Water in Maricopa contributed half of the money while the other $10,000 came from the contributions of board members, shareholders and executive team members.

Global Water Resources President and CEO Ron Fleming said this donation was a no-brainer for himself and the company.

“Look, these are unprecedented times,” Fleming said. “Global Water has been an important partner to the City ever since it incorporated. We’re happy to step up and do our part to help the community.”

Fleming explained the steps the company has taken to adhere to social distancing norms and other preventive measures. These include closing the customer walk-in office and having engineers operating out of their work vehicles as opposed to congregating in work facilities. Being an essential service, Global Water has been working nonstop as usual.

“We went to full social distancing pretty early. We’re in our fourth week,” Fleming said. “We’ve had everyone start to work from home where they can. We’ve moved whole departments, including our call center, out of the corporate office to home.”

Continuing to provide adapted service to customers, Fleming believes GWR is in a strong yet comfortable spot that can keep business effective for the foreseeable future of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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