Pinal County Health Department inspectors visited four new purveyors of edible products in Maricopa this week — GNC, Nekter Juice Bar, Slim Chickens and WZ Asian Bistro. 

Health inspectors visited 11 establishments in the city from Nov. 10 to Nov. 21. 

This report had a change of pace from our previous report that spanned Nov. 1 to Nov. 9, which featured multiple repeat offenders. One fewer “satisfactory” rating was given during this reporting period. 



Fry’s Marketplace (inspected Nov. 14) 

Fry’s Marketplace – Bakery (inspected Nov. 14) 

Fry’s Marketplace – Deli (inspected Nov. 14) 

Fry’s Marketplace – Sushi (inspected Nov. 14) 

GNC (inspected Nov. 17) 

The Salsa Chic (inspected Nov. 17) 

Say Sushi (inspected Nov. 14) 

Shamrock Farms (inspected Nov. 14) 

WZ Asian Bistro (inspected Nov. 21) 



Nekter Juice Bar (inspected Nov. 17) 

  • Sanitization: Employee washed and rinsed dishes before putting them in quat-based sanitizer for about five seconds. Sanitizer was tested to be 0 parts per million. Dishes are to be submerged in sanitizer for at least one minute, and sanitizer must be tested at 200 ppm. 
  • Cold holding: Temperature of cut greens at the prep table were between 69 and 71 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 


Slim Chickens (inspected Nov. 21) 

  • Cooling: Temperature of cooked chicken wings in 5-gallon, closed container in reach-in cooler were between 70 and 81 degrees. Manager stated wings were cooked about two hours prior. Cooling methods were reviewed.