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The second half of ArtsFest Maricopa was on display Saturday at the Performing Arts Center, with language on display through theater, choral music, slam poets and short films. Maricopa Arts Council presented the show, which also included displayed art on the foyer walls. Maricopa Community Theatre, Copa Shorts Film Fest and Maricopa Chorus were among local talent sharing stories and songs along with award-winning slam poets from the Mesa scene. The first half of ArtsFest was presented in October and involved instrumental music and dance.

Judith Zaimont and Herman Neuberger will discuss their arts at the "Inside the Creative Mind" lecture March 16.

Next up for the “Inside the Creative Mind” lecture series are multimedia artist Herman Zelig Neuberger and composer Judith Lang Zaimont.

What: “Inside the Creative Mind”
When: March 16, 1-3:30 p.m.
Where: Copper Sky Multigenerational Complex
How much: Free

Presented by the Maricopa Arts Council, the free event is set for March 16 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Copper Sky. Zaimont and Neuberger will discuss the skillset in the behind-the-scene process they have developed over time to complete the inspiration and make it real.

The session will offer insights gleaned by experience and examples of works, all to answer the constant questions: “How in the world did the artist do that?”

Zaimont will focus on the art and skill of orchestration. A prize-winning composer since the age of 12, she has seen her music commissioned and performed around the world by many orchestras including the Philadelphia Orchestra, Switzerland’s Camerata Bern, Janacek Philharmonic and Berlin Radio Orchestra. It includes music in every medium (including six symphonies and orchestral tone poems).

She is a Guggenheim Fellow, grantee of the Aaron Copland Award and from both National Endowments, arts commissions in five states, twice an international Gold Medal winner, plus many other honors. Author of five books, she was professor of music at universities on the East Coast and the University of Minnesota, heading the composition program there before moving to Arizona in 2005.

Neuberger will focus on the two forms where he has concentrated. Over a 58-year career centered in architecture and art, his media have varied, but finally settled into extremely detailed pencil drawings, naming his style “Thru Windows of Time.”

In 2007 he chose to enlarge his “pallet” to a very different and unique form of copper wire sculpting.

The event is free and open to the public. A reception follows.

JudithZaimont.com, ThruWindowsOfTime.com.

This story appears in the March issue of InMaricopa.


Maricopa Arts Council will present its fifth Artists Studio Crawl March 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and March 10 from noon to 4 p.m.

The Studio Crawl is a drive-yourself fun day at the varying artists’ studios in Maricopa. MAC will have five artists at one stop on the map, like a mini Art Festival.

This free event has been popular with residents and an inspiration for the artists to share their most creative moments, the tools they use and works in progress.

“Maricopa is full of creative folks, so many incredible talents, showing their work to all of us and in doing so may possibly move others to get inspired,” said Susan Cameron, one of the artists on the crawl. “Enjoy the day with the family and see some amazing pieces of artwork.”

Featured artists
Rocky Dunne, fused-glass artist, 19984 N. Ibis Way (Province)
Herman Neuberger, artist and sculptor, 20232 N. Harmony Pass (Province)
Lilly Schuette, poured paint artist, 41312 W. Sanders Way, (Homestead North)
Brad Kammeyer, oil painting artist, 42671 Oakland Drive (Rancho El Dorado)

CAMERON HOME, 21347 N. Sunset Drive (Cobblestone Farms)
–Susan Cameron, pastels and acrylic painter
–Tiffany Yazzie, Navajo weaver
–Allene Dugan, acrylic and mixed media
–Nelda Mullins, wire wrap jewelry and designs
–Beth Soucie, hooked rugs and weaver

PORTREY HOME, 42151 W. Arvada Court (Glennwilde)
–Cynthia Portrey, weaver and artist
–Steve Portrey, woodworking
–Diane Hebert, bead-maker

Maps to the studios and the corresponding artist will be available the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce and Maricopa Public Library.

This item appears in the March issue of InMaricopa.

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Top 3 in the All-Arizona Slam were (from left) Jordan Bubin, Ms. Anthropy and Sherdes Leonna. Photos by Jim Headley

Winners of the Arizona Poetry Slam held at Maricopa City Hall Saturday were Jordan “Naughty Mouse” Bubin in first, Ms Anthropy second and Sherdes Leonna in third. Competitors included two from Maricopa – Jasper Smith and Tristen Marshall. Fourteen poets were selected from around the state to perform their original work of personal, observational and political wordsmithing.

Jasper Smith (left) and Tristan Marshell are set to represent Maricopa in the All-Arizona Slam.

What: All-Arizona Poetry Slam
When: Feb. 2, 5:45-9:30 p.m.
Where: Maricopa City Hall, 39700 W. Civic Center Plaza
How much: $10
Info: Facebook.com/events/1588942727874228

Maricopa will host its own championship contest on Saturday of Super Bowl weekend when Maricopa Arts Council and Maricopa City Council present the 2019 All-Arizona Poetry Slam Championship. Because of overwhelming response, the setting had to be changed from Honeycutt Coffee to the larger space at City Hall.

Poets from all over the state will join the top two prize-winning Maricopa poets in the three-round elimination contest – a 14-person “duel” in the art of performance of original poetry.

National Slam rules will prevail: Each poem must be the poet’s own creation and should be no longer than three minutes. Judges are chosen from the audience, and every performance is rated by each judge Olympics-style. At the close of both rounds 1 and 2, the competitors will successively be cut down in numbers until only five poets compete in the final round.

MAC is offering the top three money prizes, with the top prize set at $400.

The full list of 14 starting poets in the first round were selected from a two-month-long lottery run by MAC’s slam master, nationally known poet and shark enthusiast Bernard Schober, who performs as The Klute. He has led all MAC’s poetry slam events since Maricopa Arts Council introduced this type of event to the city in 2016.

The 14 All-Arizona Championship competitors include representatives of the Phoenix Slam, Sedona Slam and Flagstaff Slam, and the top two poets from MAC’s Maricopa Poetry Slam, Jasper Smith and Tristan Marshell. An additional four poets on the Wait List will be listed at the event Facebook site.

The slam is preceded by “art on the spot.” Paintings by Maricopa’s talented visual artists Kristal Hoeh and Lilly Hernandez Schuette will be created before your eyes in the lobby of City Hall from 5-6:30 p.m. These works will be added to the prize checks.

A $10 entrance fee will be charged at the door. Outdoor food trucks offer main meals for purchase, from 5:45-6:30, and Honeycutt Coffee will have dessert food service for purchase in the lobby. MAC personnel onsite will be aided by hospitality guides from Maricopa High School DECA.

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Rocky Dunne with some of her glass creations at her Province home. Photos by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopa Arts Council hosted Day 1 of its Artists Studio Crawl on Saturday. The eight participating artist will open their studios again Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. The crawl is a free, self-driving event. Among the artists is renowned glass artist Rocky Dunne, who started working in glass 10 years ago. Her home is one of two in Province on the tour. The artists have several pieces for sale. Learn more and see a map


Maricopa Arts Council presents its fourth Artists Studio Crawl Nov. 17-18. See the map

One of MAC’s more popular events, the crawl is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. It has served as an inspiration for the artists to share their most creative moments, the tools they use and works in progress.

The Studio Crawl is a drive-yourself, fun day to varying artists’ studios in Maricopa.

“We are surely a lucky town to have so many incredible talents who are opening their homes and studios to all of us and in doing so may possibly inspire others to take the creative leap,” said Susan Cameron, whose home studio is on the tour. “Enjoy the day with the family and see some amazing pieces of artwork.”

Featured artists:

·         Diane Hebert, glass bead and jewelry maker

·         Linda Taylor, gourd artist

·         Rocky Dunne, fused-glass artist

·         Herman Neuberger, artist and metal sculptor

·         Brad Kammeyer, oil painter

·         Sommer Mills, upcycled floral designer

·         Susan Cameron, pastels and acrylic painter

·         Tiffany Yazzie, weaver

MAC will distribute maps to the studios and information on the artists in flyers to be available at Honeycutt Coffee, the Chamber of Commerce and Maricopa Public Library.

This story appears in the November issue of InMaricopa.

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Arizona Commission on the Arts has awarded a repeat Community Investment Grant to Maricopa Arts Council (MAC), increasing the original grant amount to $3,500.

These awards are determined competitively on a state-wide basis. MAC’s leaders believe the award ratifies the organization’s vision. MAC’s co-directors are choreographer Ceylan Gentilella, painter Susan Cameron, actor David Vargas, fashion designer Angelina Martin and composer Judith Zaimont.

After the season-long All-Arts Expo of 2016-17, MAC decided to continue some of the events highlighted. Those include studio crawls, silent reading parties, art lectures, the Student Choreography Showcase and poetry slams.

In the long term, this increased second award from the state to MAC permanently expands Maricopa’s profile and ratifies the city’s cultural life as a key component of its character and distinct point of pride.

Recently, Commission Organizational Grants and Services Manager Kristen Pierce Kent informed MAC of the original review panels very positive comments, including the following:
• What they are doing is valuable, impactful.
• Very collaborative in their efforts.
• Could serve as a model for small communities.

MAC is also the only Pinal County organization to have been nominated for a Governor’s Arts Award. Founded in 2013, it is a nonprofit corporation.

Maricopa dancers Hannah Struckmann, Crystabel Sanchez, Giselle Sanchez an Katie Sherrod perform Erin Hildick's choreography of "Fix You." Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopan Eddie Perry, 19, won the Maricopa Arts Council’s second Choreography Showcase Saturday.

Edde Perry accepts his award from MAC’s Susan Cameron and DSPA’s Ceylan Gentilella.

The competition at the Maricopa High School Performing Arts Center was voted on by the audience. The event, sponsored by DSPA Gems and performed by Onyx dancers, was book-ended by the Desert Sun Performing Arts dance recital. Perry graduated from MHS in 2017. Other competing choreographers were the team of Grace Becking, Destinee Chavis and Myka Borunda, whose “Weight in Gold” finished second, Erin Hildick, whose “Fix You” finished third, Samantha Perry, Jalen Reyes, Lexie Vargas and Katie Sherrod. Themes ranged from suicide to partying. All of the choreographers also danced in each other’s numbers. Other Onyx performers were Tatum Roeske, Crystabel Sanchez, Giselle Sanchez and Hannah Struckmann.

Susan Cameron and Brad Kammeyer will talk about the creative process.

Maricopa Arts Council’s first Inside the Creative Mind event for 2018 is Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. at Maricopa Public Library.

The afternoon will be a “Conversation with Two Painters: Susan Cameron and Brad Kammeyer.” The event is free.

Inside the Creative Mind began in 2014 and continues to explore the sequence of “inspiration – creation – implementation” in an individual art form for the benefit of local audiences, opening a little window into the creative process and how it works in various artistic domains. The lectures always include live demonstrations, examples of artistic works in audio and video, and have ample time included for audience questions.

Each session is followed by a light reception during which the artist and other demonstrators will be glad to talk more about their work and answer additional questions.

Wildlife painter Susan Cameron and landscape painter Brad Kammeyer will together share their techniques and motivations, their methods of researching a subject for a specific art piece and the spectacular feeling of being a part of an artistically growing community. They’ll present a few of their art pieces, walk guests through the techniques guiding various stages that move toward finished works, and the precious place creation holds within their separate lives. They’ll also discuss how they communicate through the Internet and social media to share and sell artwork all over the world.

Cameron’s work has won several ribbons over the years at the Arizona State Fair, has been featured at MCE’s solo gallery in 2017, at the library’s initial group exhibition and at the Chamber of Commerce 2017 showing, and has been selected for several of MAC’s Galleries at City Hall. She is a current co-director of Maricopa Arts Council, a nonprofit corporation.

Kammeyer only began painting a few years ago and is already well-established in Maricopa, with a spring 2017 exhibition at MCE and several works in MAC’s “Painter’s Paradise” Gallery at City Hall. He was formerly active in the music scene and thus is comfortable in sharing his creative expressions before large audiences. Both of these talented, passionate painters have perceptive observations and insights to share in what promises to be an illuminating afternoon.

Alex Hurley (right), the winner of the All-Maricopa Slam, and runner-up Laura Olivieri will compete in the All-Arizona Slam in Maricopa Jan. 13. Photos by Mason Callejas

By Maricopa Arts Council

What: All-Arizona Poetry Slam Championship
When: Jan. 13, 7-10 p.m.
Where: Honeycutt Coffee, 44400 W. Honeycutt Road, Suite 109
How much: $5 at the door
Info: Facebook.com/events/333528660452933

A vigorous artistic contest will take place Jan. 13 at the Maricopa Arts Council’s All-Arizona Poetry Slam Championship.

Slam Poetry offers works revealing the innermost thoughts and feelings of the poets. The 14 competitors include representatives of the Phoenix Slam, Sedona Slam and Flagstaff Slam, and the top two poets from MAC’s All-Maricopa Poetry Slam, Alex Hurley and Laura Olivieri.

National Slam rules will prevail: Each poem must be the poet’s own creation and should be no longer than three minutes. Judges are chosen from those present in the audience, and every performance is rated by each judge Olympics-style. At the close of each round, the competitors will successively be cut down in numbers until only five poets compete in the final round.

MAC is offering the top three cash prizes with $400 earmarked for the winner.

The 14 starting poets in the first round were selected online Dec. 11 from a month-long lottery run by MAC’s Slam Master, nationally-known poet and shark enthusiast Bernard Schober, who performs as The Klute. A poetry expert who has written 10 books and performed at the National Slam 10 times, The Klute has supervised and led all MAC’s poetry slam events since Maricopa ARTS Council introduced this type of Arts event to the city in August 2016.

The Slam Championship event will be preceded by a different type of artistic “prelude,” also a tradition introduced to Maricopa last year by MAC: “On-the-Spot” drawings on Honeycutt Coffee’s chalk-board and window will be created 5:30-7 p.m. by several Maricopa artists specially selected for this event.


1. Alex Hurley (1st Place – All Maricopa Slam)
2. Laura Ochs Olivieri (2nd Place – All Maricopa Slam)
3. Stacy Eden (Phoenix Poetry Slam Representative)
4. Lydia Gates (Flagstaff Poetry Slam Representative
5. TBD (Sedona Poetry Slam Representative)
6. Shawnte Orion
7. Sydney Rowe
8. Alexander Bentley
9. Lauren Perry
10. Aaron Hopkins-Johnson
11. Gabriela Castillo-Londono
12. Wil Williams
13. Al Fournier
14. M C Tristan Marshell
Wait list:
1. Briana Grace Hammerstrom
2. Chris Crockett
3. Joshua Wiss
4. Megan Condeno Atencia

This item appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.

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Judith Zaimont (left) talks to Anita McLeod at a MAC gallery event.

Arizona Commission on the Arts is awarding a community investment grant to Maricopa Arts Council (MAC) and a festival grant to Copa Shorts Film Fest for fiscal year 2018.

MAC was founded in 2013. This was the first year the directors applied for a coveted arts commission grant. A community investment grant (CIG) funds organizations “whose primary mission is to produce, present, teach or serve the arts.”

Categorized in the smallest tier, Maricopa Arts Council is Level 1, the most competitive level. It has a funding maximum of $3,000 and must be matched 1-to-1 by the organization.

Judith Zaimont, an Arts Council co-director with Ceylan Gentilella and John Janzen, said the CIG application process is “extremely complex.”

“We’re just very pleased to be receiving this,” Zaimont said.

Shelley Gillespie is executive director of Copa Shorts Film Fest, which debuted this year with independent films from around the country. She has been in grant-writing mode for months to find avenues that will allow the festival to grow. In the festival grant category, it is Level II and has a funding maximum of $3,000 from the arts commission.

Arizona Commission on the Arts distributes more than $1.5 million annually. Only about $10,000 of that ends up in Pinal County, primarily in eastern Pinal.

“With our county’s population growth, we are pleased to see that our arts organizations’ awards recognize the significant strides being made in cultural and arts projects in western Pinal County,” Gillespie said. “I do hope we can further our efforts to make Maricopa a community that really embraces the arts.”

Zaimont said the grants lend credence to the arts efforts in Maricopa and serve as “credentials” as they go about their fund-raising efforts.

Over the past year, Maricopa Arts Council produced a three-season arts expo, “Got Arts, Maricopa?,” and will be bringing back several of the of those events. They include studio crawls, poetry slams, silent reading parties and a student choreography showcase. Meanwhile, the next Copa Shorts Film Fest is set for Feb. 16-18. Submissions are being accepted through Oct. 13.




Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopa Music Circle chamber orchestra invites city musicians to grab their instruments and stands and sit in starting in mid-July as the orchestra resumes preparations for fall and winter performances.

The ensemble’s rehearsals on July 17, 24, 31 and Aug. 7 will serve as “open auditions” for interested players, as it begins preparations for the upcoming season. Its planned performances over the 2017-2018 concert season include the Winter Serenade event also featuring Maricopa Chorus as guest artists.

Now in the midst of its eighth season, Maricopa Music Circle is considered the city’s premier performing ensemble. It has partnered with every other hometown performing-arts organization in dance, theatre and music and has also performed at a number of City special events, for Art on the Veranda, and for special Star Wars and Oscars events at UltraStar Multi-tainment Center. The orchestra is well-known for its joy in performance and its commitment to presenting music in many styles from cultures all around the world, composed over the span of four centuries.

MMC players range from professional musicians to enthusiastic amateurs, and often include high-school musicians in the mix. Musicians are expected to be able sight-readers and be comfortable playing standard orchestral parts at the level of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.

Rehearsals are 7-9:45 p.m. on Monday evenings at private homes around the city and are always lively experiences. There is no fee to join. Interested musicians should e-mail MMC by Thursday of the preceding week to indicate their instrument and playing level to get details of the upcoming rehearsal site and for music to be rehearsed. MaricopaMusicCircle@yahoo.com

Fused glass artist Rocky Dunne has two pieces in the City Hall exhibit. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Maricopa Arts Council announces the first Mixed-Media Gallery at City Hall with an opening reception from 5:45 to 7 p.m. on March 21 in conjunction with the City Council meeting. Access to the gallery and the opening reception is free and open to all.

"Enchantment," a quilling piece by Deb Jay.
“Enchantment,” a quilling piece by Deb Jay.

Genuine fruit of MAC’s continuing three-season, all-arts expo, “Got Arts, Maricopa,” the Mixed-Media Gallery idea arose out of the success of February’s two-day Studio Crawl  No. 1.

Cynthia Portrey, participating artisan in the February Crawl and a central member of the organizing committee for Art on the Veranda, conferred with other Maricopa fiber artists to gauge interest in assembling a core of works for display. She then approached the Arts Council with the idea, and ensuing discussions broadened the reach to other types of Maricopa artisans who also work in shallow three-dimensions.

The art corridor at City Hall does not yet have the capacity to showcase sculpture or other fully three-dimensional pieces, but shallow-depth pieces will be displayed on a wall.

Participating artisans include creators specializing in fiber art (rugs, wall-hangings, quilts, wearables); a quilling specialist (curved-paper art); a fused-glass master;  and examples of works created by scratch-out on scratchboard, embossing on tin plates, and molded from chalk.  Among the artisans in this gallery are a Navajo weaver now living in Maricopa and a quilter whose paintings have also been seen in earlier City Hall galleries.

The full roster of creators included in this gallery is:

Beth Soucie – rugs
Nelda Mullins – embossed tin
Cynthia Portrey – weaving
Pam Sutton  – quilts
Crystal Dennis – quilts and jewelry
Rocky Dunne -fused glass
Deb Jay- quilling
Susan Adams – rugs
Malies Belksma – fused glass
Tiffany Yazzie – rug

Weaver Tiffany Yazzie
Weaver Tiffany Yazzie with one of her pieces in the show. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The City Hall Mixed-Media Gallery continues the gradual shift in MAC’s Expo from Fall and Winter’s focus on the performing arts to the visual realm for spring.  More expo special events will continue in April and May.

Rug artist Beth Soucie with three of her pieces. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson
Rug artist Beth Soucie with three of her pieces. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson
Artists busily hanging art for the gallery at City Hall. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson
Artists busily hanging art for the gallery at City Hall. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Photo by Mason Callejas

Art on the Veranda drew connoiseurs to the Duke at Rancho El Dorado for the annual exhibit, demo and marketplace for artists and artisans from Maricopa and the region.

Maricopa kids from age 5 to 13 are invited to participate in a Youth Poetry Slam to be hosted by Slam Master the Klute (right). Photo by Anita McLeod

Get back to the roots of Slam Poetry.

If You Go
What: Youth Poetry Slam
Who: Kids age 5-13
When: Nov. 4, 5-7 p.m.
Where: Maricopa Public Library
How much: Free
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1138522449561321/

Maricopa kids age 5-13 are invited to share their poems in a unique and supportive forum. The first Youth Poetry Slam in the city is Nov. 4 at the Maricopa Public Library.

There will be cash prizes.

“Poetry is important to kids whether they know it or not,” said Slam Master Bernard Schober, aka The Klute, who is hosting the event.

Dr. Seuss has a lasting impact, he said. With her isolated life, Emily Dickinson, whose work students are inevitably introduced to, always seems to remain relatable to teens. Poetry in all forms is integrated into young lives.

Slam Poetry, as a competition, is different than a typical poetry recitation. Five judges selected from the audience will score the poet from 0 to 10. The Youth Slam will also break one of the rules of the adult slam world by allowing costumes and props, even music.

Otherwise, the slam will follow the same rules. Poems are limited to three minutes and they must be performed. The poem and poet are scored.

Schober calls the organization of the Youth Slam “more kinetic and more freeform” than was originally planned. Instead of facing an early deadline, they can register the day of the event.

Feedback will also be more careful than it would be for a teen slam or an adult slam.

“A teenager has that kind of self-criticism that younger kids don’t,” Schober said. “We don’t want to crush their dreams.”

The Youth Poetry Slam is part of the “Got Arts, Maricopa” art expo that will continue into spring. An Adult Poetry Slam is scheduled for January, with a Teen Slam coming later.

To sign up early, email gotartsmaricopa@gmail.com.


Pam Sutton's "Colors of Africa" is among the art on display at Maricopa Public Library. An opening reception is Friday. Submitted photo

Maricopa Arts Council (MAC) is a prime mover in a full week’s slate of arts events directly following Labor Day. All the events tie into the “Got Arts, Maricopa?” expo and have free admission.

Tuesday is the opening reception for the third edition of the Maricopa Artists’ Gallery at City Hall, 5:45-8 p.m. There will be refreshments and a chance to meet the artists.

Featured artists are Anita McLeod Turner, Bonnie Del Turco, Cindy Chance, Herman Neuberger, Jade Rodriguez, Jennifer Hawkins, Karyn Arkell, Katrina Call, Kaui Wilson, Keith Biggs, Larah Webb, Linda Esposito, Megan Perry and Pam Sutton.

This gallery was adjudicated by representatives of MAC and MCE.

Wednesday is the opening reception for the September “Art in the City” one-person gallery at Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship, starting at 6 p.m. The featured artist for September is award-winning photographer Jack Jackson. His works have been selected and shown in past editions of MAC Spotlight Showcase at area cafés, at the annual crafts show Art on the Veranda since its inception, and is currently on display also at Honeycutt Coffee.

Friday is the opening reception for the inaugural gallery at Maricopa Public Library from 5 to 7 p.m.  Featured artists are Gary Zaimont, Jennifer Hawkins, Kaui Wilson, Linda Esposito, Megan Perry and Pam Sutton.

This gallery was adjudicated by representatives of MAC and MCE.

During the evening, starting at 6 p.m. is the first Poetry Open Mic at the library. This event for high school-age on up is open to any Maricopa poet or poetry lover who would like to read his/her own poems or other beloved poems before an audience. (Planned participants include Slam Master The Klute, and National Slam board member John Quiñonez, who are returning to Maricopa after presenting Poetry Slam 101 in August.)

Saturday is thefundraiser for Maricopa Music Circle chamber orchestra at UltraStar’s Elements Event Center from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. Meet the orchestra, hear excerpts from its upcoming DVD, have light refreshments, and bid on items from its wide-ranging Silent Auction – including original artwork, signed music manuscript, box of French wines, hand-made jewelry and handbags and quilt, $100. coupon for Phoenix Symphony tickets, CDs, coupons for high-end local services and lots more.

The innovative, diverse, three-season all-arts expo “Got ARTS, Maricopa?” is the major 2016-2017 project of MAC. All art forms are represented: music, dance, theatre, poetry, film and the many varieties of visual arts. The artistry of Maricopa’s own artists and art organizations will be featured at every event, plus MAC’s determination to present types of arts experiences brand-new to Maricopa.

Photo by Anita McLeod

A standing-room-only crowd ranging from teens to senior citizens turned out for Poetry Slam 101 Thursday night at Honeycutt Coffee.

As the kickoff event for the new expo “Got Arts, Maricopa?” the session was a time of performance as well as introduction of the poetry slam concept to Maricopans. The Klute, an established slam master, hosted the presentation by Maricopa Arts Council.

The Klute shared a handful of his own works, from railing on the “sadists” at the Arizona Department of Tourism to celebrating the great white shark. Among three poets joining him was John Quiñonez, who is coordinating this year’s Individual World Poetry Slam in Flagstaff in October.

Quiñonez also shared poetry, including the slam version of haiku. Jess Ballantyne performed her humorous and angry works on relationships. Joy Young took on politics and identity, also with sharp and personal insight.

Slam 101 was a prep for future poetry events and other arts events in Maricopa. As a prelude to the poets, local artists Maria Pour, Bonnie Del Turco and Valentine Ackerson created art on the spot for Honeycutt Coffee.

The Klute will be back in Maricopa on Sept. 9 for the open mic at the artist reception at Maricopa Public Library.

GOT ARTS, MARICOPA Fall/Winter Schedule
Sept. 4        Maricopa Artists Gallery at City Hall
Sept. 9        Inaugural Gallery and Adult Open Mic Poetry Evening at Maricopa Public Library
Sept. 22-24    Maricopa Community Theatre teen production of “An Ideal Husband”
Oct. 13-15    Maricopa Community Theatre Mainstage world premier of “Passing Strange”
Oct. 22        Performing Arts Gala at MHS Performing Arts Center with orchestra, chorus and dancers
Nov. 4        Kids’ Poetry Slam at Maricopa Public Library
Nov. 5        Art on the Veranda at The Duke at Rancho El Dorado
        Maricopa High School Theatre production
Nov. 18        World Music Showcase at Copper Sky with Taiko ensemble and Ak-Chin band and dancers
Dec. 3        DSPA Dance Company’s annual Sugar Plum Tea
Dec. 6        Maricopa High School end-of-term concert
Dec. 9        Maricopa Chorus Holiday Concert
Dec. 16        Maricopa Music Circle Chamber Orchestra Winter Serenade
January (TBA)    Studio Crawl 1: Drive-yourself tour of artist studios
Jan. 14        Maricopa Community Theatre Mainstage production of “Little Women”
Jan. 28        Adult Poetry Slam

Arts patrons can be hard to come by.

An arts spectacular that is planned to be a three-season expo in Maricopa is turning to crowdfunding. Supporters can go to its page on HatchFund.org and pledge any amount of money. If the requested total is not met by a certain date, no money is given to the project.

Maricopa Arts Council wants to raise $8,000 by May 9 through HatchFund.org for its ambitious “Got Arts, Maricopa?” exposition. The real crowdfunding goal is $11,800. Ultimately, MAC is trying to raise $51,000 for the entire enterprise.

Plans are to start the Arts Expo in September, introducing three new events to Maricopa as it runs through spring 2017. MAC will also incorporate ongoing arts-related events under the umbrella of “Got Arts, Maricopa?”

All funds raised through HatchFund.org go to venue rentals, videography and sound recording, publicity and printing, instrumental rentals and artist fees.

The expo is built to capitalize on home-grown talents, seed arts happenings all around the city, and introduce several kinds of arts experiences to the community.

John Janzen, a member of the MAC board, said the expo is a way to bring attention to all of the artists living in Maricopa, many of whom other residents are unaware. “And we’ve got a lot.”

Janzen is director of Maricopa Chorus.

“It will delight, excite and amaze and permanently invigorate the city while launching a new era in Maricopa arts,” said Judith Zaimont, a MAC director and composer.

She said there are already many arts-related events throughout the year, but they are sporadic and only a few people seem to know about each one. The goal of the arts expo is to bring all of those events to a broader audience.

New events include a free October Performance Showcase featuring Desert Sun Performing Arts, Maricopa Music Circle Chamber Orchestra and Maricopa Chorus, a World Music Showcase with Taiko drumming and a Native American ensemble, and a free Studio Crawl, a drive-yourself tour of seven artist studios with on-site receptions.

A Poetry Slam with adult and student competitors will be introduced. Copa Shorts Film Festival will also debut. Look for the Chalk Arts Weekend at UltraStar Multi-tainment Center and a new Student Choreographers competition.

“Got Arts, Maricopa?” will also include established events like Art on the Veranda, Maricopa Community Theatre productions, Maricopa High School Theatre Company, DSPA’s recitals, Maricopa Chorus, Maricopa High School and MMC concerts.


This story appeared in the April issue of InMaricopa.

Live music and an art auction come together at Autumn Musicale.

A new arts expo, planned to start this fall, is now among the Maricopa participants in Arizona Gives Day.

Arizona Gives is a 24-hour period for residents to give participating Arizona nonprofits an extra boost to their normal fund-raising efforts. This year it is April 5 from midnight to midnight.

“Got Arts, Maricopa?” is a three-season, all-arts expo that will bring an array of fine and performing arts events to the city starting in September. It is being created by Maricopa Arts Council (MAC).

See video about the expo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZyfOqiirBw

“Please help MAC do this major good deed for our city, something much needed,” Judith Zaimont said.

Zaimont is one of the volunteer directors of MAC.

“Most people who live in Maricopa still don’t realize we have a dance academy, community theater, community chorus, chamber orchestra, artisan fairs, galleries that will spring anyplace they can find, a monthly movie critics seminar and more,” she said. “With no art space in Maricopa – and with the arts way down on the list of things our city politicos think about – it’s up to MAC to take this giant step to benefit our young city of 46,000.”

Last year during Arizona Gives Day, Arizona nonprofits raised $2,054,417 through the generosity of 17,260 donors. The average donation was $86.

Donations raised are deposited directly in the nonprofits’ accounts.

For more information or to sign up your nonprofit, visit AzGives.org.

Besides being involved in Arizona Gives Day, MAC is trying to raise an additional $8,000 or more through the crowdfunding site HatchFund.org. Find the account at HatchFund.org/Project/Got_Arts_Maricopa.

The “Got Arts, Maricopa?” website is GotArtsMaricopa.wix.com/GotArtsMaricopa

Photo by Adam Wolfe

Maricopa artists had art hung in a hallway on the ground floor at City Hall on Monday, and the public had a good opportunity to view it during the annual Tree Lighting Celebration Tuesday night before the city council meeting. Mayor Christian Price officially lighted the blue-and-silver-themed tree, Maricopa Chorus performed Christmas carols, Santa visited with children and Helen Ford of Helen’s Kitchen served up cookies.

We write to let InMaricopa.com know that the Maricopa ARTS Council K-8 Poetry Slam announced for this Friday evening at Global Water (Nov. 13) will be postponed until spring 2016.  At that time there will be a two-part Poetry Slam, with entries available in two
categories:  poets within K-8 age-group, and High School age poets.

The postponement is due to a lower-than-anticipated response rate.
MAC did receive several excellent submissions, but not enough for an effective event.

MAC is appreciative of the creative efforts of the students who did submit poems in 2015, and will hold these for re-submission for the spring 2016 dual Slams.

MAC thanks Global Water for their gracious offer to hold the fall 2015 Poetry Slam at its facility, and looks forward to having the 2016 dual Poetry Slams at Global Water, as was originally planned.

Details of the upcoming two Slams will be announced early in the new year.

John Janzen
Maria Pour
Judith Zaimont
Co-Directors, Maricopa ARTS Council

The staid halls of Maricopa City Hall will be enlivened by local art. Photo by Adam Wolfe

Maricopa City Hall will gain some color after the city council’s decision Tuesday.

The council unanimously approved hanging art from local artists in City Hall.

The initial program will display pieces from 11 local artists. Each piece goes through a vetting process before it is displayed, and officials plan to rotate through various exhibits from local artists every two or three months.

“I, for one, would like to see that we get our foot in the door here,” Maricopa Mayor Christian Price said. “As you change this, [I want to] see that we have six months to a year to watch you change this over every two months or each quarter and see how it evolves. I’m excited to witness that.”

Local artists have been putting a program together for months in conjunction with the Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship, which holds monthly art exhibits. The approval is seen as a victory for local artists and cultural growth as a whole.

“Eight of the 11 artists in this portfolio were not born in Arizona or Maricopa; they chose to live in Maricopa and Arizona,” said Judith Zaimont, one of the coordinators for the Maricopa Arts Council. “We are looking forward to making our contribution (to the city) on a daily basis.”

The council also awarded $625 to the Maricopa Historical Society for their participation in the “Copa History Hunt.” Brent Murphree accepted the check on the organization’s behalf, and the council took a few moments to thank and honor the former vice mayor.

“I say that Maricopa would not be Maricopa without your contributions to this community,” City Councilmember Henry Wade said. “We certainly appreciate and applaud all of your efforts and everything that you’ve done to make Maricopa [what it is]. Thank you so much.”

The council also unanimously approved the purchase of 38 sets of protective equipment for fire fighters from L.N. Curtis and Sons, and a resolution to find the existence of a “slum or blighted area in the city of Maricopa, and declaring the necessity for redevelopment of such area.”

The Maricopa City Council will meet again on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.

Young poets, get the word out. It’s time to express, emote and spout.

The “K-8 Poetry Slam” is at Global Water on Nov. 13. As luck would have it, that’s Friday the 13th.

“We are pledging to bring the arts forward to Maricopa in a big, big, never-to-be-forgotten way.” – Judith Zaimont

Maricopa Arts Council is debuting the slam. For kids, it’s a lot more fun than an oral exam. Be a ham. Start a jam. Just don’t scam.

An entry must be an original, unpublished poem written within the last two years. It must be recited aloud in front of judges and peers.

Oct. 28 is the deadline for entrants. This time, costumes and scenery can be elements. That is a rare exception to Poetry Slam rules.

MAC is inviting district, charter, private and home schools.

MAC’s Judith Lang Zaimont tells young poets, “Come on down and show us your literary talent.”

Poetry slams call on the creative, brave and gallant. Just have fun with puns and wordy runs.

Poems have a 40-line, two-minute limit. Email MACmaricopa@outlook.com to submit.

Send name, address, phone, grade, teacher’s name, school, title of poem and PDF of complete work. Art is the point, but a prize for first, second or third is a perk.

The slam is a sign of something non-bovine, non-dusty in the Maricopa air. Zaimont said this event is a preliminary for “Got Arts, Maricopa,” a major, future arts affair. The High School Poetry Slam is in the spring, and slams for adults and all ages are coming in 2017.

“Got Arts, Maricopa” will be a “spectacular, all-arts, three-season expo,” she said. There will be fine arts, performing arts and much more ahead.

“We are pledging to bring the arts forward to Maricopa,” Zaimont said, “in a big, big, never-to-be-forgotten way.”

So the K-8 Poetry Slam is not just child’s play. It is a rising slope of hope for art scope.

“We plan to set these arts events all around the city,” Zaimont said. “Not seated only in one location, we’re coming out to you.”

Part of that is getting local artists’ work on the library wall and City Hall, when new city policy comes through.

“And the way the art has been selected is a tribute both to Maricopa’s pool of talent and to the individual artists whose work is going to be represented,” Zaimont said.

Maricopa Arts Council invites everyone to contribute to the city’s art scene and prove a passion for creativity is widespread.

If You Go …
What: MAC K-8 Poetry Slam
When: Nov. 13, 7-8:45 p.m.
Where: Global Water Conference Room, 22590 N. Powers Parkway
Who: Students at MUSD, charter schools, private schools and home schools
How much: Entry and admission are free
Info: MaricopaArtsCouncil@gmail.com