Logan and Ryan Hackney were arrested along with their mother, but charges were dropped against the brothers.


When Machelle Hobson (also known as Hackney) was charged with abusing her seven children, her adult sons, Logan, 27, and Ryan, 25, Hackney, were also accused of failing to report her abuse. However, Pinal County Attorney’s Office has declined to press charges against Logan and Ryan Hackney. The brothers had been arrested along with their biological mother, who ran a successful YouTube channel starring the children.

County prosecutors declined to elaborate on the decision not to charge them.

Hobson, 48, was officially charged by a Pinal County Grand Jury with 30 counts on March 25.

She remains in the Pinal County Jail pending the posting of a $200,000 bond. She was first arraigned in Pinal County Superior Court March 19 along with two of her sons in a case of alleged child abuse that involved a popular YouTube channel “Fantastic Adventures.” Most of the wholesome and family-friendly YouTube videos show the children going through superhero training or visiting fantasy lands.

The allegations against Hackney begin on March 13 when officers responded to a child-abuse investigation made by her biological daughter.

The daughter allegedly told police that her adoptive sister disclosed to her that she was being abused at the family’s home on North Donithan Way in the Villages by the mother.

Some estimates are that Hackney could have made as much as $2.5 million in advertising income airing the series on YouTube, based on industry standards for the number of views reported. She admitted to making $10,000 to $30,000 per month from the series in open court.