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A Maricopa mother was arrested Sept. 27 on suspicion of intoxicated driving after a collision on Smith-Enke Road. Her son was reportedly in the vehicle at the time.

Jennifer Hardy-Alarcon is accused of four counts of driving under the influence and failure to control a vehicle.

According the Maricopa Police Report, a Ford sedan driven by Hardy-Alarcon ran into the rear bumper of a Honda SUV stopped at a red light at Province Way. The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m.

Responding officers described Hardy-Alarcon as displaying “obvious signs of extreme intoxication” while failing a sobriety test. Breath samples reportedly registered at 0.223 and 0.236. She was arrested but released to a responsible party.

MPD is recommending two charges of aggravated DUI as well as extreme DUI, DUI to the slightest degree and failure to control a vehicle to avoid a collision. Her vehicle was towed to impound.

A Maricopa Police Officer found a driver and his passenger asleep in a car while stopped at a stop light.

The incident occurred Sept. 27 at 2:13 a.m. on State Route 347 at the Smith-Enke Road intersection.

According the report, the officer saw a Chevy Impala stopped at the light facing north in the southbound lanes. The officer parked the police vehicle in front of the Chevy to prevent the driver from moving forward.

Approaching the vehicle, the officer observed the driver and the passenger sleeping. The driver awoke and identified himself as Joseph Narcia. He reportedly told the officer he’d had a few drinks.

Narcia allegedly failed sobriety tests and was arrested and transported to MPD. According to the report, an Intoxilizer test showed blood-alcohol content of 0.135 and 0.130.

Narcia faces charges of aggravated DUI, DUA with BAC .08 or more and DUI in the slightest degree.

Timothy Campbell. PCSO photo

Maricopa Police arrested a man suspected of driving under the influence while transporting precious cargo last week.

Timothy Campbell, 38, is accused of carrying with him four children during a traffic stop Aug. 26 when he was tagged with seven varying counts of aggravated DUI and endangerment.

MPD arrested Campbell at approximately 3:55 p.m. at the Good 2 Go gas station at  John Wayne Parkway and Honeycutt Road.

A police report alleges prior to the arrest, one of the young passengers sparked the interest of an officer operating a patrol vehicle southbound on John Wayne Parkway.

“I observed a small juvenile female sitting on top of a person’s lap in the front passenger seat, (the child) then attempted to duck their head in a red Ford F-150 (truck),” according to the report.

The officer activated his emergency lights and pulled the vehicle over at the gas station. The ages of the four children observed inside the truck were withheld in the report, but all were reportedly under 15 years old.

Campbell allegedly told the officer he was driving on a suspended license and reportedly admitted to consuming intoxicating beverages.

Police dispatch informed the officer Campbell is also required to drive with an ignition interlock device, but there was no device in the vehicle, according to the report.

Campbell completed a standard field sobriety test with “poor results.”

MPD transported the DUI suspect to its headquarters where Campbell completed a second breathalyzer test with results showing a blood alcohol content of .162, more than twice the legal limit.

Officers forwarded seven counts against Campbell to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office: Aggravated DUI: Driving with a suspended driver license (class 4 felony); Aggravated DUI: Driving without an ignition interlock device (class 4 felony); DUI with four children inside the vehicle under the age of 15 (class 6 felonies); Aggravated DUI impaired to the slightest degree (class 1 misdemeanor); Aggravated DUI .08 BAC or above (class 1 misdemeanor); Aggravated DUI: .15 BAC or above (class 1 misdemeanor); Endangerment (class 1 misdemeanor).


The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spearheaded a county-wide drunk driving task force Dec. 14-17 resulting in more than 30 DUI arrests, and another 16 for various other crimes.

PCSO deputies and law enforcement from other agencies made a total of 266 contacts with drivers during the four-day period, which resulted in 14 misdemeanor DUI arrests, nine drug-related DUI arrests, two aggravated DUI arrests and one extreme DUI arrest.

These numbers indicate during the time of the taskforce, an average of 1 in 9 Pinal County drivers is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

On Dec. 15 PCSO made more than 45 contacts in Maricopa alone.

The task force also issued 39 citations county-wide for various traffic infractions and other crimes.

Law enforcement agencies all across the valley tend to increase DUI enforcement around the holidays. However, regardless of the time of year, InMaricopa.com encourages all who drink to drink responsibly and to never get behind the wheel.

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Maricopa Police Department Officer Joshua Hawksworth. Photo by Michelle Chance

A Maricopa Police Officer was recognized recently for his efforts enforcing DUI laws in the city.

Chief Steve Stahl nominated Officer Joshua Hawksworth in June for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving 2017 Law Enforcement Recognition and Awards Ceremony. Hawksworth accepted the award last week from the Tucson-based chapter of MADD Southern Arizona.

In 2016, Hawksworth had 57 DUI arrests, making up 30 percent of the entire department’s arrests in the category, according to the nomination form.

Hawksworth said his success is a product of what he has been taught.

“I guess I have a sense for applying the training I’ve received and I just basically apply what I’ve learned and what others have bestowed on me,” Hawksworth said.

In his experience, Hawksworth said most people he has arrested under suspicion of DUI are well over the legal blood-alcohol limit of .08 percent.

It’s a risk he said is not worth taking.

“A DUI is not just about you anymore. A DUI becomes about your family. You have the potential to lose your job and you’re definitely going to lose your license for a short period of time,” Hawksworth said.

In addition to obtaining various certifications, Hawksworth became the agency’s drug-recognition coordinator and participated in seven DUI taskforce deployments.

“Officer Hawksworth has made steps to not only improve the quality of his investigations, but also other officers’ through updating policies and obtaining additional certifications,” Stahl wrote in Hawksworth nomination form.

MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado said the recognition demonstrates the department’s commitment to enforcing DUI laws.

“It also shows that with the money that we received from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, we put it to good use by training officers and providing them with the equipment to put up the numbers that Officer Hawksworth put up for the past year to win this award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” Alvarado said. 

Mark Grimes (PCSO photo)

Maricopa police officers arrested an allegedly intoxicated driver last week and charged him with aggravated DUI because he had four kids in the car, according to police reports.

Thirty-nine-year-old Mark Grimes was arrested May 1 and charged with seven different crimes in all, after officers responded to Big 5 Sporting Goods on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway around 4:30 p.m. regarding an alleged violent threat he made against his fiancée.

After he fled the scene in a red Acura, MPD located Grimes at the stoplight at Casa-Grande Highway and John Wayne Parkway.

After initiating a stop and positively identifying Grimes, the report stated officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and noticed he had “blood-shot and watery eyes and slurred speech.”

The arresting officer counted four children in the back seat and “none of them were wearing seatbelts,” according to the report.

Grimes also allegedly admitted to being in possession of marijuana, which was located and confirmed to be the illegal substance.

Officers conducted a standard field sobriety test, during which Grimes showed signs of impairment. Further testing indicated his Blood Alcohol Content to be above .15 percent.

In all, Grimes was charged with possession of marijuana, DUI, standard DUI (BAC of .08 or more), Extreme DUI (BAC of .15 or more), aggravated DUI (with person under age of 15 in vehicle), child endangerment and threatening or intimidating.

The combined charges carry a punishment of five to eight years in prison (more if charges compound punishments).

Grimes is being held  at the Pinal County Detention center in Florence.

The Maricopa Police Department is accepting state grant money to assist in DUI enforcement and community education programs beginning this winter.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety GOHS) awarded the department a total of $63,348 for new equipment and traffic and driving-under-the-influence enforcement for 2017, the bulk of which is earmarked for officer overtime pay.

The city applied for the grants in October.

Of the funds, $20,000 is specifically designated for overtime compensation to help the department with DUI enforcement.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were an estimated 1,200 alcohol-related traffic deaths during the 2015 holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day), a number these funds are designed to help curb.

An additional $4,300 is being awarded to purchase blood alcohol content, or BAC, testing equipment, including six new Preliminary Breath Testing (PBT) machines and a phlebotomist chair to aid with blood testing.

Another $27,718 of the GOHS grant will be used to assist with regular traffic enforcement. Most of that money will also go to overtime pay, however the department plans to use a portion of the funds to purchase additional radar systems and new communications antennas. drunk-driving-logo

With remaining funds, the MPD plans to provide overtime for officer training and equipment purchases that will promote pedestrian/cycling safety education, and vehicle occupancy/Child Passenger Safety education.

According to the MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado, the city has benefited greatly from past GOHS grants, and their continued financial assistance is a reflection of the MPD’s performance.

“MPD has been fortunate enough over the years to receive multiple grants through GOHS,” Alvarado said. “This is in part due to the exceptional job our officers are doing, but also due to our ability to report results back to GOHS and show the funds are making a difference.”

Alvarado went on to say that with Maricopa’s continuing growth they will continue to partner with the GOHS, and others, to insure that the department will “grow efficiently, provide services to the community, and keep up with technological advances.”

Each fall the GOHS provides grants to qualifying police and fire departments across the state to assist overtime funding and equipment purchases that will promote public safety.

By Ethan McSweeney

Police arrested a Maricopa man early Wednesday morning on two outstanding warrants for drunken driving and failing to appear in court, according to a Maricopa Police Department report.

David M. Theis, 31, had warrants out for two counts of aggravated DUI from 2011 and failure to appear in court on charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia from 2010 — both cases in Maricopa County Superior Court, according to the report. The bond for the aggravated DUI was $5,400, while the bond for the drug charges was $1,100, the report read.

A Maricopa police officer went to a home on North Duncan Drive around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday after a 911 hang-up call, according to the report.

There the officer met Theis and ran a warrants check. When the warrants for the charges from Maricopa County came back, the officer arrested Theis on charges of aggravated DUI and failure to appear, the report read. Theis was booked into Pinal County Jail.

State troopers will be focused on dangerous drivers and DUI this weekend. DPS photo

State troopers will focus their enforcement patrols in areas where statistics have revealed a higher frequency of injuries and fatalities resulting from crashes related to dangerous driving behavior. The focused enforcement during the Independence holiday weekend, July 1-4, is designed to promote safe and expeditious travel along Arizona’s highways.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) will participate in or conduct DUI task forces, saturation patrols, aggressive driver enforcement, commercial vehicle enforcement and assisting stranded motorists.

“The enforcement corridors selected for the holiday weekend are based on crash data collected from 2015, and the intent is to save lives through aggressive traffic enforcement in and around those corridors,” said DPS Lt. Col. Daniel Lugo, assistant director of the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Regionally for Maricopans, that means DPS saturation patrols in Casa Grande and at Rawhide. The latter venue is hosting a July 2 event, and traffic from 4 to 11 p.m. is expected to cause traffic congestion on Interstate 10 in south Phoenix and west Chandler.

Northern Arizona DPS Operations

Commercial vehicle enforcement will increase along I-40 from the California border to the New Mexico border and I-10 west of metropolitan Phoenix. The focus is on reducing fatal and injury crashes involving commercial vehicles and non-commercial vehicles.

Apache County – Saturation patrols

Cottonwood and Camp Verde – Participation in the Marshal’s Office DUI patrols

Flagstaff – Conduct aggressive driver enforcement

Gila County – Conduct saturation patrols

Kingman – Saturation patrol partnership with Kingman PD

Navajo County ­ Participation in saturation patrols

Page – Aggressive driver enforcement

Yavapai County – Participation in the Tri-City DUI Task Force

Central Arizona DPS Operations

Central and East Valley – Participation in various multi-agency DUI task forces

Lake Pleasant – July 3 no parking will be permitted along SR 74. DPS and Peoria PD will be patrolling and citing violators. Further traffic restrictions may be enacted if the park reaches capacity for campers and / or boat parking fills up. Restrictions are anticipated 9–11 p.m. for a fireworks show.

Peoria – July 4th Fireworks show expected to cause traffic congestion along the Loop 101. DPS will conduct saturation patrols along the Loop 101.

Phoenix – July 4th Event being held 6-10 p.m. at Third Street and Indian School; fireworks show expected to cause traffic congestion on nearby freeways beginning at 9:30 p.m.

Tempe Town Lake – July 4 Saturation patrols from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. Drivers who stop on Loop 202 at Tempe Town Lake to watch the fireworks, continue to be a problem. Last year troopers cited a number of drivers for literally stopping on the freeway to observe the fireworks. Several collisions were reported in the area. This year troopers will provide aggressive enforcement aimed at educating and if warranted, citing drivers and removing vehicles that stop on the Loop 202 bridge over the Tempe Town Lake.

Valley wide – Aggressive driver enforcement

Westworld – July 2 saturation patrols along Loop 101 from 9 to 11 p.m. Fireworks show expected to cause traffic congestion on Loop 101 beginning at 9 p.m.

West Valley – July 2 participating in the West Valley DUI Task Force hosted by Glendale PD

Southern Arizona DPS Operations

Commercial vehicle enforcement will increase.

Yuma – Increased staffing and saturation patrols along with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office. 10-mile traffic-safety campaign along I-10 between the California / Arizona state line and the Maricopa County line. Participation in the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force. Saturation patrols and a focus on seatbelt and distracted driving enforcement

Cochise, Graham and Greenlee counties – DPS will conduct saturation patrols and participate in the Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force as well as the Eastern Arizona DUI Task Force.

Matthew J. Wix

A Maricopa man faces several charges after his arrest Monday morning.

Matthew John Wix, 23, of Maricopa, had a warrant after allegedly failing to comply with an earlier court order.

He was arrested at around 9:13 a.m. by a Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy at PCSO on suspicion of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of liquor, drugs or vapors. DUI with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or more, extreme DUI with BAC of .15-.20 and super extreme DUI with BAC over .20.

Wix was originally charged in November 2015 in a drug case. A warrant was issued in February. That warrant was quashed Monday.

Charges in Pinal County Superior Court are possession and use of drug paraphernalia and extreme DUI with a BAC between .15 and .19.